Ideological Void: Sava Kovacevic

Zemun, Belgrade, 2013
Sugar mix, paint, plinth, 215 x 50 x 40 cm

The municipality “Sava Kovačević” in the district of Zemun, Belgrade, extends between the streets Sava Kovačević, Dragan Rakić ​​and Prvomajska. In front of the district office, a bust portraying Sava Kovačević ​​by the sculptor Miodrag Živković was inaugurated in 1987. A 75-cm high bronze cast formed a 215-cm high pictorial unit with its marble pedestal. The front of the base bore two inscriptions: “National hero, Sava Kovačević 1905-1943,” and “the working people and citizens of the community Sava Kovačević, Zemun”. Twenty-five years later, the street was renamed, the district office was closed, and the bust was removed.

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