Digital Reconfiguration: A cartography of the invisible

Artist talk > Claire Fontaine

At the heart of the project ‘Digital Reconfiguration: A cartography of the invisible’ stands a collective work that reveals social restructuring, gender structure, power relations and capital flow in the era of digital capitalism. Starting from the rich industrialized region of Styria in Austria, a series of relational diagrams, discussions, lectures and artistic interventions will emerge over the period of three months, questioning the current reality of the dominant political, legal, economic, technological, environmental and social norms around the ongoing industrial revolution.

Talk by Claire Fontaine

Kunsthaus Graz


Lendkai 1, 8020 Graz

Upcoming activities will reveal production processes, the evaluation and exploitation of labour and resources, as well as the effects connected with the use of highly complex algorithms in the machine-controlled and automatized processes.

Silicon Alps

‘Digital Configuration: A cartography of the invisible’ brings together the diverse expertise, knowledge and work of machine workers, computer scientists, trade unionists, sociologists, historians, ethnographers, activists, theoreticians and artists to disrupt and resist the status quo on the dominant promises of digital capitalism, and to open up a new space of imagination capable of generating new realities.

The project is supported by Graz Year of Culture 2020
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