50 Years of Salvador Allende

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Short Documentary Film, 17:49, 2024

How did the dreams and visions of the past become the nightmare or nothingness of today? The Film “50 Years of Salvador Allende” captures the moment fifty years after the death of Salvador Allende and the militant rupture of Chile’s emancipatory, socialist, and democratic history in a small town in Germany, formerly part of the GDR. Centered around the “Salvador Allende” school’s 50th anniversary, serving today as a landmark of historical relationships between socialist nations worldwide during the second half of the 20th century, the film delves into contemporary socio-political alienation and educational disparities. The generations of teachers and students make this ideological gap tangible.


Sybille Berner, school director

Uli Ostermann, school director (1991 – 2009)

Students of Classes 9B and 10A
(School Year 2022/2023): Drawings

Students of Classes 2A, 7A, 9A, 10A
(School Year 2023/2024): Theater Piece

Directed and Produced by:
Dejan Marković

Cinematography by:
Dejan Marković
Sebastian Schiller

Editing and Dramaturgy by:
Dragana Jovanović

Sound Design by:
Jakov Munižaba

Color grading by:
Ivan Marković

Sound Mix by:
Jakov Munižaba

Captions design by:
Dragana Jovanović

Transcript proofread:
Kate Howlett-Jones

English subtitle by:
Zvonimir Ivanov

© Dejan Marković, 2024

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